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When teaching, I like to create a friendly yet productive atmosphere where the pupils can learn at their own rate but also be challenged in a suitable way. I encourage musicality and creativity in lessons, whatever genre, to build a love for playing. I believe that students should alway find time to have fun and be creative on their instruments as well as doing their designated practice. I believe if you have fun with your instrument you are more likely to enjoy practice and feel more motivated to pick it up.

What Do I Teach?

I teach Piano, Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet and Recorder to all ages and abilities. I'm happy to teach Classical, Pop and Jazz and like to focus on music that the student will enjoy playing as well as increase their ability on their instrument. I also try to add creative aspects to the lessons to make them more enjoyable. For example Improvising, Learning songs by ear and basic composition on their instrument.


A couple of years ago I graduated from the Royal Academy of Music with a 1st class Bachelor of Music (Hons) where I studied woodwind. I also learn Piano and a secondary study at the Academy. I have completed all musical grades on the saxophone and have had a lot of experience playing and teaching woodwind and pian


I have done many concerts in England and abroad using Sax, Flute and Piano. I have also taught pupils of many different ages for the last few years across England, Europe and Africa.

Teaching Age Group

I am happy to teach any age. I teach pupils at the moment ranging from age 3 to 70.


Starting from £15 for a 30 minutes lesson*

*prices vary depending Peak/Off-Peak times and location.

For more details or to book a lesson, head to the contact page.

Emma"I love my sax lessons with Sam. He's encouraging, inspiring and challenging all in perfect balance. I learn something new each week but most importantly I really enjoy playing. Sam is completely professional and warm and he teaches at my home which makes learning as an adult possible alongside juggling work and family."

Richard- "Sam teaches our 11-year old daughter piano.  She has 45 minutes which we thought might be too long but she is engrossed and without realising it is learning a mix of styles such as pop/blues/classical, playing by reading from music, without music and song writing.  She is only a beginner but Sam is giving her so many ideas and tips in a fun environment.  We’re so pleased we found Sam and highly recommend him."

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